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Botik | Kojic Acid High Potency Serum 30 ml


Botik | Kojic Acid High Potency Serum 30 ml

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The Botik High Potency Serum Combines Kojic Acid With Niacinamide To Even Out Skin Tone , From The Lightest To The Darkest Skin .

Kojic Acid : Prevents And Combats Irregularities In Skin Tone. Niacinamide Is A Vitamin That Helps Even Out Skin Tone And Prevents Hyperpigmentation.

The Kojic Acid Serum Was Specially Developed For Those Looking To Even Out Their Skin Tone . This Serum:

  • Evens Out Skin Tone
  • Reduces The Difference Between Shades
  • Improves The Appearance Of The Skin

How To Use: Every Night, And ONLY At Night, Apply 3 To 4 Drops To The Face With Upward Movements. It Is Necessary To Use Sunscreen The Day After Application. It Is Recommended To Use Botik Cream/Gel Cream To Intensify The Results. Cleansing The Skin Enhances The Action Of The Active Ingredients, Which Is Why The Use Of Botik Preparation Items Is Recommended.



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