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QDB | Skin.Q Fills All ("Preenche Tudo") Facial Serum 30 ml (Vegan)


QDB | Skin.Q Fills All ("Preenche Tudo") Facial Serum 30 ml (Vegan)

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Is This Where You Asked For Full Skin?

The Preenche Tudo Facial Serum Is Composed Of Eight Types Of Hyaluronic Acid , This Wonderful Active Ingredient That Provides Hydration, Plumping, Delays The Signs Of Premature Aging And Improves Skin Firmness , Smoothing Wrinkles And Expression Lines. All The Best!

  • Light And Watery Texture That Acts On All Layers Of The Epidermis For A Complementary And Global Action
  • Plumped, Hydrated, Radiant, Soft And Smooth Skin

How  it works?

High Weight Molecules: Remain On The Surface Of The Epidermis And Have The Function Of Restoring The Skin's Hydration Levels, Filling In Fine Expression Lines And Strengthening The Natural Protection Barrier.

Medium And Low Weight Molecules: Penetrate The Deepest Layers Of The Epidermis With An Action That Reduces Visible Wrinkles, Restores Volume And Regains Skin Elasticity.

It's The Result? Completely Plumped Skin, With Recovered Volume, Soft And Radiant.

HOW TO USE: Place A Small Amount In Your Hand And Spread It Gently Over Your Face, Until Completely Absorbed. Apply The Product Once A Day, Every Day.
** If Applied During The Day, Use Sunscreen After Applying The Product**

Cruelty-free | Vegan
Made in Brazil


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