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Lily Satin Conditioner, 250 ml


Lily Satin Conditioner, 250 ml

  • Brand: Missy Mô
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Lily Satin Conditioner Offers The Beloved And Enchanting Fragrance , Now With The Power Of A Velvety Touch For Your Hair Too! For All Hair Types, It Offers Intense, Velvety Hydration With A Radiant Shine. In Addition To Strengthening The Hair. Using The Complete Line Promotes A Revitalization Ritual.

With Argan Oil And Lily Extract , It Has An Innovative Texture And Satin Touch To Enhance The Beauty Of Your Hair. Furthermore, It Offers Lily's Intense Fragrance And Sophisticated Packaging , Making It Also The Best Of Gifts.

Lily O Apothecary Understands That Your Smell Is Part Of Who You Are. That's Why It Presents Lily Acetinados, Your Favorite Fragrance In New Products With Fascinating Textures, To Make Your Skincare Moment Even More Pleasurable And Leave Your Skin With A Satiny, Fragrant Touch On Any Occasion. Your Favorite Feminine Fragrance Now From Head To Toe!

How To Use: Apply To Clean Hair With Lily Satin Shampoo. Leave It To Act For 1 Minute And Rinse With Water.

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