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Match | Match Respect Curls Styling Cream 290 ml


Match | Match Respect Curls Styling Cream 290 ml

  • Brand: Missy Mô
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The Match Respect For Curls Modeling Cream Promises Defined, Loose Curls With Incredible Modeling, Without Leaving Hydration Aside.

Its 100% Vegan Formula Contains:

  • Vegetable Collagen And Shea Butter, Responsible For Recovering And Maintaining Waves And Providing Structure, Softness And Incredible Shine.

With The Match Modeling Cream It Is Possible To Have Defined, Loose And Natural-Looking Curly Hair For Much Longer , Without Causing Damage Or Damaging The Locks.

How To Use: Apply The Product Along Damp Strands, From The Ends To The Lengths, Avoiding The Roots. For Best Results, Divide Your Hair And Apply The Styling Cream Strand By Strand. After Applying It All Over Your Hair, Knead The Strands, Holding Them While Gathering The Ends And Lengths In The Palm Of Your Hand. No Need To Rinse.

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