About Missy Mô Store

Hello everyone!

My name is Moema and I was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil.
I moved to The Netherlands in October 2012 and since then I live in Den Helder, Noord-Holland.

I started to sell "O Boticário" within my social circle: first my dutch family, then my friends, my co-workers. When I realized, I had clients that came from the "mouth to mouth", or like we say here in Holland, "via-via".


Why do I sell "O Boticário"? Because I believe is this brand. I grew up in Brazil using from the eau de cologne to the make up products. When I get here, I missed all the scents, textures and colors from our brazilian products. Could I by local products? Of course. I do buy them. But then my next question was: Why do not have those nice and good smell products available here, with no need to wait for so long to get them?

I am happy that I just go ahead with this idea. Now there is a physical store (in Den Helder) where everyone has the chance to test those products and maybe, fall for them, just like 44 years ago when we (brazilians) felt for "Acqua Fresca" the first commercial fragrance of "O Boticário".

More then 20 years ago, O Boticário does not test on animals. Majority of theirs products are vegan (❤️❤️❤️).
Do you want to know more about "O Boticário"? Click here and discover more!

Welcome to Missy Mô Store.