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Botik | Retinol 0.1% Pure Retinol Wrinkle Reducing Cream Gel 30g

€25,60 €34,99

Botik | Retinol 0.1% Pure Retinol Wrinkle Reducing Cream Gel 30g

€25,60 €34,99
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Have You Never Used Pure Retinol? So, this cream Is For You.

Botik Pure Retinol 0.1% Wrinkle Reducing Cream Gel Is A Facial Concentrate That Combines 0.1% Pure Retinol With Retinol-Like To Visibly Diminish The Signs Of Premature Aging. Its Formula Combines The Power Of Pure Retinol With Retinol-Like For A Double Action To Reduce Wrinkles In Skins That Are New To Retinol. Add It To Your Nighttime Skin Care Routine To Fight Wrinkles.
Improves Skin Firmness In 2 Weeks;

  • Reduces Visible Wrinkles And Fine Lines After 4 Weeks Of Use;
  • It Has A Cream Gel Texture, Light, Non-Greasy And Quickly Absorbed;
  • Suitable For All Skin Types, Including Oily;
  • It Has An Exclusive Technology That Ensures Prolonged Release And Greater Action Of The Active On The Skin.

The Result? A Rejuvenated Skin - With Less Fine Lines, Wrinkles And Sagging.

HOW TO USE: At Night, With A Clean And Dry Face, Apply The Product With Upward Movements, For Better Absorption. Do Not Apply To The Eye Area. In The Morning, Wash Your Face And Use Sunscreen (SPF30 Or Higher). This Is A Night Use Product. During The First Week Of Use, Apply Small Amounts Of Product Every Other Day. Due To The Concentration Of Retinol, Burning And Itching Sensations May Occur, In Addition To Signs Such As Mild Redness And Scaling. If This Happens, The Applications Must Be Spaced Out Until The Skin Is Used To The Product. If The Discomfort Persists, Discontinue Use And Seek Medical Advice. Do Not Associate With Other Products Containing Retinol. Do Not Apply On Irritated Or Injured Skin. Avoid Contact With Eyes. For Use During Pregnancy, Consult Your Doctor. Retinol Is A Sensitive Molecule And Its Concentration May Vary. o Avoid This, Keep Your Product Away From Heat, Humidity And Solar Radiation.

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