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Malbec | Anti Hair Loss Malbec Club Conditioner 250 ml


Malbec | Anti Hair Loss Malbec Club Conditioner 250 ml

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The Malbec Club Anti-Hair Loss Conditioner Is Ideal For Men Who Suffer From Hair Loss , As It Reduces Hair Loss And Thickens The Strands , Increasing Hair Density. Its Formula Contains Powerful Active Ingredients Such As BaicapilTM* That Minimize Hair Loss And Restore Your Self-Esteem, As Well As Leaving It Deeply Conditioned. The Malbec Club Men's Anti-Hair Loss Conditioner Is What You Needed To Get Your Confidence Back. He Offers:

  • 4X Less Left
  • Stimulates And Strengthens The Roots
  • Extends The Life Of Wires
  • Reduces The Number Of Hairs Falling Out By 53.4%

This Product Is Even More Effective When Used In The Entire Line To Complete Your Hair Care Routine. With Daily And Prolonged Use, You Will Restore The Health And Vitality Of Your Hair, As Well As Your Individuality And Self-Esteem!

The Active Ingredient Is A Blend Of Powerful Ingredients That Promote Protection Against Oxidative Damage, Activate The Bulb Cells And Make It Stronger. Furthermore, BaicapilTM* Prevents The Aging Of The Bulb And Consequent Hair Loss . It Prolongs The Hair Cycle, That Is, It Extends The Lifespan Of Each Strand Resulting In Thicker Strands And Increased Hair Density.


250ml | 8.4 fl.oz

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