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NSPA AçAí BODY OIL 200 ML (VEGAN) - O Boticário


NSPA AçAí BODY OIL 200 ML (VEGAN) - O Boticário

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Scented, moisturized and protected. This is how you are going to remain after using the exclusive oils from the Nativa SPA line.

A body oil that is rich in powerful ingredients and with an anti aging effect. Nativa SPA Açaí Body Oil is perfect to retain your skin's moisture levels. It combines all the benefits of quinoa grans with a delightful fragrance and incredible texture. Its formula contains precious and pure quinoa drops extracted from this super grain, following a unique and beneficial process. An ideal alternative to nourish, hydrate, firm and strengthen skin's elasticity, with an active and continuous action that forms a light protective film over your body.

 Açaí oil is a unique product that will make you get out of the bath renewed and with a delicious smell all over your body.

How to use Oil:

Right after the shower, drop the oil all over the body and spread it with a mindful self-massage. Rinse after a few minutes, or let the body absorb the excess on its own. Repeat daily for 28 days to see optimum results.

  • Easy To Apply And Spread
  • Does Not Leave The Skin Sticky
  • Preserves Skin Moisture Levels Ensuring Deep, Long-Lasting Hydration
  • Enveloping Perfume

200ml | 6.7 fl.oz

It’s Vegan 🌱 
Cruelty-free 🐰
Made in Brazil 🇧🇷  

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