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NSPA Black Plum Body Lotion (Vegan) 400 ml


NSPA Black Plum Body Lotion (Vegan) 400 ml

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Nativa SPA Black Plum (Amexia Negra) Body Moisturizing Lotion is a stimulus for the skin. It is the union of deep hydration with a delicious amber Plum aroma. Its formula is enriched with purified quinoa drops, which increase collagen production and prevent the loss of skin elasticity.

With a focus on sustainability, this 400ml bottle is 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic (PCR) and has a functional pump designed specifically to avoid spills.

Nativa SPA Black Plum Moisturizing Cream is ideal for dry skin or areas that need more nutrition and care

400ml | 13.5 fl. oz
Cruelty Free
Made in Brazil

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