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Creamy Liquid Lipstick Of Dreams (VEGAN) QDB 5 ml

€9,00 €10,00

Creamy Liquid Lipstick Of Dreams (VEGAN) QDB 5 ml

€9,00 €10,00
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You Dreamed And It Came True! The Dream Liquid Lipstick Delivers  Ultrapigmentation And Creamy Texture  To Rock Your Look.

With A Super Precise Applicator,  It Contours And Fills The Lips,  Ensuring  Ultrapigmentation From The First Application.  Its Creamy Texture Glides Easily Over The Lips And Provides A Truly  Dreamy Finish!

  • Very High Pigmentation;
  • Comfortable Application;
  • Creamy Finish;
  • High Durability;

This Dream Lipstick Transforms Any Basic Makeup Into A  Stunning Look!

How To Use: With The Applicator, Contour And Fill The Lips.


🌱 This is a vegan product.

🐰Cruelty free.

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